Solar Renew

Solar Professionals is proud to be part of the solution to a growing problem: solar waste.

A partnership between Solar Professionals and Kurrajong Recycling, Solar Renew is changing the way solar panels are disposed of and recycled in Australia.


As many of the earliest solar panels are now reaching their end-of-life, there is a growing need for a sustainable way to dispose of panels, keeping them out of landfill. Solar Renew is designed to be a solution to this problem.


Using technology developed during our NSW EPA funded project in collaboration with Deakin University, APEX Greenhouses and Anderson Services (now collectively known as Circular Solar Solutions Pty Ltd), we have been able to deliver a semi-automated Solar PV panel recycling plant.


The system delaminates the panels and breaks them down into its individual components (glass, aluminum, copper, silicon, silver and polymer), which can then be returned, or sold, into various commodity markets.


Innovation in technology allows for the process to be conducted without cross contamination of the components, allowing for every part of the PV panel to be recycled or repurposed.


A pilot recycling site has been established in Wagga Wagga, acting as a collection and production plant. The arrangement allows Kurrajong to offer additional employment opportunities for recycling staff, about half of whom are living with a disability.


The fulsome partnership brings many benefits for the environment, innovation and the community.


Panels are now being collected for recycling. With a disposal cost of $10+ GST per panel, it’s an affordable and environmentally responsible way of treating decommissioned panels.


Get in contact with the team for more information or to schedule a drop off.

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54 Chaston St, Wagga Wagga