Solar Renew

Solar Professionals is proud to be part of the solution to a growing problem: solar waste.

We have recently received funding of almost $1 million to support the development of a solar recycling facility which will convert solar waste into reusable and new products, reducing the growing PV solar waste stream.

The project is a NSW Environmental Protection Authority initiative, with the grant funded from the Circular Solar Trials program.

Our significant investment in this new development is intended to future-proof the management of the growing waste stream in Australia which the International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasts will be one of the most significant accumulated PV waste streams in the world by 2030. It is estimated that approximately 100,000 tonnes of PV panels will enter the waste stream by 2035 Australia-wide, including approximately 30,000 tonnes in NSW.

Through innovation and initiative, our Solar Renew division, is co-developing this first-of-its-kind automated recycling facility with the objective of recovering all raw materials and components from ageing solar panels without cross contamination.


We have partnered with Deakin University, Anderson Services and Apex
to work in collaboration to construct the Recycling of Solar Panels (ARSON) facility.

ARSON will leverage new and existing Australian designed, engineered, and patented technology and will be based in Wagga Wagga. Once commissioned in late 2022, it will be the only recycling facility in regional NSW to recycle solar cells using such technology.

The delaminated components recycled through Solar Renew will be used to make new cells or will be re-engineered for other industries like the manufacture of greenhouses. 

If you’re interested in supplying decommissioned and unfunctional PV solar panels through Solar Renew, please contact us on [email protected]