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Residential Solar

Every day a fault goes undetected could be costing you money. According to government data, more than half of Australia’s residential solar systems perform below the standard they’re supposed to. And even worse, 14% of Australia’s residential solar systems develop a major fault every year and stop working altogether*. Most faults go undetected until homeowners receive an electricity bill spike.

Solar PV systems are generally low maintenance which can sometimes result in situations where they are installed and ignored until noticeable issues arise. As the system ages there are likely to be PV module failures, breakdown of inverters or deterioration of electrical insulation. If left unaddressed, any one of these issues can lead to unexpected interruptions and unplanned downtime, as well as costly repairs.


Early detection of these issues, through ongoing monitoring and regular maintenance, will reduce the severity of the fault and allow warranty claims to be processed within the allocated timelines.

* Source: Solar Analytics

Our package for residential homes includes inspection of your module and testing of the installation and all electricals, including verifying the operation of individual inverters.

Our package

Comprehensive system health check, including:


• Solar modules and inverters for visual defects or faults

• Racking installation – method and integrity

• AC and DC switchgear integrity and connections

• DC cabling and connectors

• Roof penetrations, leaks or damage




• Insulation resistance

• Earth continuity

• AC grid voltage


• Verify operation of individual inverters

Ongoing analysis and rectification of your solar system provides the assurance of optimum performance and financial return. Residential customers may customise their package by adding tailored services including.

  • System clean
  • I-V curve
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Solar performance monitoring
  • Reporting and rectification management

Download our Solar Protect residential package information here.

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