Extend the life
of your asset

Solar Protect Commercial

Around 50% of solar systems are not performing at an optimal level, which can cost a business up to $25.00 per day (over $9,000.00 per year).*


Solar PV systems are generally low maintenance which can sometimes result in situations where they are installed and ignored until noticeable issues arise such as the failures, breakdown of inverters or deterioration of electrical insulation. If left unaddressed, any one of these issues can lead to unexpected interruptions and unplanned downtime, as well as costly repairs. Early detection of these issues, through ongoing monitoring and regular maintenance, will reduce the severity of the fault and allow warranty claims to be processed within the allocated timelines.


Our Solar Protect team can extend the life of your system by offering different packages to best suit the needs of your business and system.


*Source: https://www.ausgrid.com.au/Industry/Our-Research/Data-to-share/Solar-home-electricity-data


includes inspection of module; testing of installation; VOC and ISC; and insulation, resistance and irradiance of the installation.


also includes a system clean; I-V curve testing; thermal imaging; solar performance monitoring, reporting and rectification management.

Download our Solar Protect commercial package information here.