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Cheaper power prices for your business or organization

Is your business or organization getting a good deal on power prices? Solar energy is a great way to reduce operating costs, but not every business has the money to pay for a solar system upfront. That’s why Solar Professionals has introduced our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for business and organizations.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement?

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or Electricity Supply Agreement (ESA), relieves the need for your business or organisation to provide any upfront capital to purchase a solar system. Put simply, you buy the energy the solar system produces at a significantly cheaper daytime rate, without actually purchasing the solar equipment.

A PPA allows you to secure a controlled electricity rate for your business and does not require you to leave your current power supplier. It will not affect the quality or stability of the power supplied to your business or organization.

It’s purchasing electricity at perhaps the most competitive rate you’ve ever be offered.

Pay $0 upfront for the system

With a Power Purchase Agreement, a solar system will be installed for no upfront cost so you start saving from day one. All you pay for is the power. At the end of the contract term your business or organisation will own the solar system outright with no payout cost and will benefit from all the free energy it produces for years to come. The PPA allows you to purchase the solar system during the contract period at an agreed pre-determined price

No maintenance fees

Solar Professionals owns, maintains and operates the solar system installed at your business for the duration of the PPA term, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of maintenance or potential faults. Solar Professionals only receives payment for the electricity your site uses, so it’s in our best interests to ensure your solar PV system is always working to peak performance.

Electricity price certainty

Our PPA gives business owners electricity price certainty for years to come, protecting you from grid electricity price increases. PPAs as a rule of thumb basically cut out a large portion of the supply chain in the electricity industry. Generating electricity from solar cuts out the network and Government charges, this allows Solar Professionals to offer exceptionally competitive electricity rates.

Solar Professionals is part of the NSW State Government and Local Government Procurement Solar PPA Panel

Do you work for a local council or government agency? Local Government Procurement together with the NSW State Government has established a solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) panel to assist agencies to reduce operating costs by utilizing solar energy without upfront capital expenditure.

Following a competitive tender process, Solar Professionals was one of just six providers selected to be on the panel and the only provider headquartered in a regional location. All members of the solar PPA panel have been extensively prequalified and the initiative is being championed by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

The solar PPA initiative is a pilot program and encourages on-site renewable energy through a solar PPA. The program will see NSW State and Local Government agencies increase energy efficiency and reduce costs all whilst making a positive contribution to our environment.

Ready to find out more?

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