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Solar energy's effect on the NSW energy market


Solar Citizens asked an energy market consultancy company to examine the NSW wholesale electricity market and the impact that rooftop solar has had on energy prices. Thanks to the 370,000+ households with rooftop solar, between $2.2 and $3.3 billion was slashed from the price of power in NSW in just 12 months.


The analysis found:

  • Rooftop solar pv decreased the average price of wholesale electricity from $132/MWh to $88/MWh over the one year study period;
  • The biggest monthly cost reduction was in February 2017, of at least $740 million; and
  • Downward pressure on wholesale electricity prices was greatest between 1.30pm and 4.30pm


The results show that solar makes an enormous contribution by putting downward pressure on power prices, helping energy consumers across the state save billions.