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Scott Glanville

Business Development Manager

Scott Glanville has a strong passion for renewable energy and energy efficiency and is committed to informing, advising and helping commercial customers understand what this is all about and how they can best transition into this market. His Bachelor of Business (Business Management / Marketing) degree and his previous work in State Government as a Business Advisory Officer for WorkCover NSW, has enabled him to simplify the message for the end user so they can easily understand what to do and how to do it. Scott has a wealth of experience in business-to-business sales, project management, work health and safety and presenting. Having secured work with multinationals, in corporate sectors, industry, government and not for profit in the past, Scott is able to demonstrate that it is always about working with the client to get the best possible outcome for them. Following a complete analysis of your electricity usage he is able to help in detailing various industry standard solutions for business resulting in a more informed decision for the customer.