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Intersolar Europe & SMA Solar Technology AG tour Kassel, Germany


As guests of SMA Australia and the team at Solar Juice Pty Ltd we were incredibly fortunate to attend Intersolar Europe 2018 and to take part in a tour of the SMA Solar Technology AG’s facility in Kassel, Germany. It’s no surprise that SMA are global leaders in the production of solar PV technologies, their testing and production facilities are equal parts fascinating and impressive.


The European solar industry is at the forefront of innovation and to spend time at the world’s leading solar industry exhibition and at SMA Solar Technology’s facility viewing new technology and business ideas was just amazing!. The future of the global solar industry is definitely exciting.


Huge thanks to Michael Rutt of SMA Australia, the team at SMA Solar Technology in Kassel, Germany and of course the wonderful Solar Juice Pty Ltd team for your hospitality.