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In short, there is no “one size fits all” answer. Each of our customers has different energy needs. 

Each solar power system we design has different requirements, and therefore, a different price. We all use different loads of power at different times of the day so each solar system installation is different. Without analysing your electricity account, it is near impossible to determine if a solar system would be of benefit to you and, if it will be, the size solar system you will require. It all depends on time of use.

 All of these elements can easily be determined by consulting with our staff who can provide you with a quote for a custom designed, tailored solar system that suits your needs.

Can you afford to wait?. The longer you wait the more money you pay out. Using the electricity your system makes means you don’t have to buy as much power and the money you don’t have to pay out for power could be used to offset the cost of the solar system. Based on current electricity and solar system prices, a solar system will pay for itself in approximately 4 years, the life of a system is 25 years! AND you more than likely will be eligible for a Federal government rebate. Solar just makes sense.

Electricity prices increased on average by 18% in 2012 and 1.7% in 2013. Will they go up again this year and next?. Possibly, more than likely. Would further increases put huge pressure on your family income?. We guarantee that if you do the sums you’ll see for yourself how quickly it can take to recoup your initial outlay and from then on free electricity!.

There is a huge misconception that solar isn’t of benefit now as the gross feed in tariff has been abandoned by the state government. This is simply not the case. A solar system under a net feed in tariff is still absolutely viable for home owners, saving them hundreds of dollars every quarter on electricity costs. The value of solar isn’t in exporting power to the grid anymore, its using the power a solar system produces during the sunlight hours to run your household, the heading and cooling, the swimming pool pump, the washing machine and dryer etc meaning you don’t have to buy as much power from the electricity company. It’s all about using the power and saving money not making money by exporting.

SMA and Aurora inverters are the best in the world and carry a 5 year manufacturers warranty which is able to be extended. The solar panels we offer, Conergy & Eoplly, carry a 10 year product warranty as well as an independent 25 year performance warranty.

In short, not really, not yet. Solar systems produce power during sunlight hours and peak production is usually during the times of 10am  – 3pm. This means that the power a system produces during this time MUST be used at the same it’s being produced, otherwise the unused power will be exported to the grid. A smaller solar system may still be viable to operate pumps etc. during the day even though no one is home. The solar industry is evolving rapidly and the Australian market will shortly see the release of affordable battery back up systems, allowing a battery to store the power that’s produced by a solar system during daylight hours for use in the evening hours. There are battery back up systems available at the moment but as the technology is in its infancy, they are very expensive and not financially viable for most homeowners. Solar Professionals will keep our clients abreast of the release of more affordable battery back up systems as it happens.

Under a net feed in system and without a battery back up system, no, not at the moment. Solar systems produce power during peak sun hours each day and in the absence of a battery back up system, when the sun goes down there will still be a need to purchase power for night time use from electricity companies. Solar systems at the moment, without a battery back up system, are used to mitigate your day time usage of power.

Competition is great, it motivates us but there is absolutely no truth in the rumour you have to go to a metropolitan company to get a good deal because we can offer you that. We do a lot of solar installations, and we offer great pricing. More often than not, we’re the people locals call when their installation company from the city won’t return their calls and are delaying repairs. Don’t make the same mistake, go local from the outset and you won’t have to compromise on price, quality or service.


There are huge differences in the products offered by solar companies and believe us, you do get what you pay for. So if you’re comparing quotes, make sure you compare apples with apples in terms of products. The quality of solar panels is most definitely important, but it’s the inverter that will either make or break your solar system. A poor quality inverter will give you poor output, may break down more often and could be fire dangerous. A solar system is a long term investment. Be smart, do your research, don’t just make a decision based on price. We back the products we sell, its our reputation after all.

An inverter converts the DC electricity generated by your solar panels into 240V AC electricity suitable for use in your home or business. Inverters are usually smaller than a standard briefcase, and are positioned close to your electrical switchboard.

For the average household, most people install systems between 2KW – 5KW, sometimes more.  Many Solar Professionals customers find that they are able to reduce energy consumption by 30-50% using some simple efficiency measures with the remainder of power they need then generated by the solar system. The size of a solar system needed for a business varies from customer to customer.

Solar Professionals are accredited solar system designers and installers, licensed electricians and roofing plumbers and we are also carbon management specialists. All aspect of design and installation are handled by our specialist team. You deal with one company from start to finish.


Most residential and rural solar installations generally take a day to install and commission. Time of installation for commercial applications will be dependant on system size and other considerations.

Simply by ensuring your solar panels are kept clean. Warm soapy water, a soft sponge and a water rinse every 12 months and that’s all you really need to do. In the event of storms and debris, you may need to clean a little more frequently. There are no moving parts, so a good solar system should last you for 25 years or more. 

If the main electricity grid goes out and there’s a blackout, your solar power system is designed to automatically shut down too. The electricity supply authority requires that your system is isolated from the grid for safety reasons when the grid is down.