Supported by the NSW Government

Empowering Homes

Solar Professionals is an approved Contractor under the NSW Empowering Homes program. The program is an initiative from the NSW Government to help households access clean renewable energy and cut their electricity bills.

The NSW Government’s solar battery loan offer allows eligible households* in selected postcodes to access an interest free loan to install a battery or solar battery system in their home.

The offer gives eligible homeowners two interest-free loan options:

1. Up to $14,000 towards a solar PV and battery system (repayable over a range of terms up to 8 years), or

2. Up to $9,000 towards retrofitting a battery system to an existing solar PV system (repayable over a range of terms up to 10 years)

*This program is accessible to owner-occupiers in eligible postcodes with a combined net annual household income of up to $180,000.

Find out if you are eligible at and contact us here to enquire about how we can help you access this offer.