Solar Professionals
- We are making your solar easy

Our extensive experience

Solar Professionals team is experienced in all facets of commercial solar projects, which require diverse and specialist skills. We ensure every project is of the highest standard to deliver maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Is your business or organisation getting a good deal on power prices? Solar energy is a great way to reduce operating costs, but not every business has the money to pay for a solar system upfront. That’s why Solar Professionals…

Solar Professionals are the Riverina’s leading commercial solar experts having partnered with a large number of local businesses to deliver long term cost savings and sustainability to their businesses. These business owners below have kindly allo…

We are so fortunate to have partnered with a large number of commercial businesses and industry throughout the Riverina to deliver cost reduction, innovation, sustainability and a local solution to solar energy requirements. We are widely regarded…

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Solar Professionals
– We are making your solar easy

Commercial solar

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Specialising in commercial installations of medium to large scale solar systems, Solar Professionals are able to deliver high quality solar systems and all local service to businesses throughout the Riverina and Central West.

We can help your business make the move to solar power simply and efficiently.

We have also recently launched our solar electricity supply agreement,which is an alternative to purchasing a solar system outright. Our solar electricity supply agreement removes the capital cost burden and risks involved, giving you all the benefits of renewable power generation with none of the costs or complexity.

The benefits of commercial solar

Are cost reduction, innovation and long-term sustainability priorities to your business? If the answer is yes; then considering installation of a solar power system to run your business is a virtual no brainer.

Solar power has been used with great success by, but not limited to, a large number of manufacturing and industrial businesses throughout Australia. These companies are using solar energy to give themselves a competitive advantage in the marketplace, not only by cutting energy expenses but also by creating a point of difference for their brand around sustainability.

With solar power, it is possible to turn your environmental and social responsibilities into a valuable asset for your business.

Planning a commercial solar installation

But what are the important things for your business to consider when planning a solar installation?

Firstly, be wary of over-capitalising. Make sure that you plan correctly with your provider so that the majority of electricity produced by your solar system is used by your business. You don’t want to have to rely on government policy to get a return from your system.

Secondly, don’t buy on price alone. Consider the quality of your solar system components and their expected longevity.

Thirdly, do your research and use a reputable company with commercial experience and a strong understanding of the unique needs of your business. Ensure the provider is prepared to work with you to create a tailored, flexible solution that will deliver real bottom line benefits to your business.